About Odd Wares

Thank you for checking us out.🚻

  Odd Wares is run by a family currently made up of 4 weirdo rescue pets and 2 humans teetering on daily insanity. If that doesn’t intrigue you, feel free to skip and go shopping!💰  

When we aren’t looking for quality products or making fun designs, we are busy making sure fun is happening. Who am I kidding, fun is always the goal, much like our designs. One of us is disabled and the other works too much, so fun is where you make it. 🦄

Our interests are deeply rooted in movies, fine art, photography, cephalopods, Lovecraftian everything ,comic books, cosplay, music, horror and goth stuff, the occult and of course anything to do with the furballs who have rescued us.  We also love science fiction and creepy things, as well as cute and cuddly. 👽👾👻

When not catering to our four legged overlords, working hard for the man, or coming up with designs we hope you love, we watch a lot of movies, collect graphic novels and books, and make music, arts and crafts. We live our loves honestly and oddly and love folks who do the same. 💘

We hope our oddwares bring a smile to your face….Why so serious?? 🤡